2016 Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival In Panama

Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival

2016 Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival In Panama

The 10th Anniversary of the Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival is upon us, running February 25th – 28th.

A wonderful music festival in the Chiriqui highlands….

The beautiful Chiriqui Highlands have long been one of Panama’s most favorite vacation and retirement spots, and the jewel of Chiriqui province is beautiful Boquete (GPS 8º 46′ 30″N, 82º 26′ W) home of about 25,000 including some 2,500 retired expats from all over the world. Located at an elevation of 3,000 ft it is also the home of some of the best coffees in the world. The cool, crisp mountain air on the slopes of towering Volcan Baru, Panama’s highest mountain, delicious fresh mountain water, an abundant nature with lots of flowers, flamboyantly flowering trees and hundreds of species of birds plus the closeness to two oceans have attracted visitors from all over the world.The natural beauty of Boquete is the perfect setting to stimulate the creative talents and artistic abilities of those who live here as well as those who come for a visit. So it is no surprise that this small town hosts a lively art and music scene which culminates in the annual Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival.

Right from the start in 2007 the Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival has been the biggest music event in the province of Chiriqui. Since 2012, the event was also the first ever festival in Panama to showcase first-class international Blues acts in addition to notable Panamanian and Latin American artists featuring Jazz and Latin American music styles, and they were a great success!

Please see the official Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival website for more information.


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